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Floor coating

Floor coating

There are many requirements on floor coatings. Depending on the range of application, floors and hence their coatings are subject to predominantly mechanical or chemical stress. Stipulations for water conservation, slip resistance, or electrostatic discharge capacity may also be in place, expanding the requirement profile.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Seamless floors are impenetrable to fluids, easy to clean, suitable for disinfection, and resistant to the influence of aggressive chemical substances.

Parking decks

Highly developed StoCretec coating systems have proven successful on millions of square metres: floor slabs, walkways, split levels, open levels, or ramps.

Automotive and mechanical engineering industry

StoCretec coatings have been tested for compatibility with varnishes and can be used in production facilities of the automotive industry.

Clean rooms

Matched StoCretec coatings ensure the clean room suitability of walls, ceilings, and floors.

Electrics and electronics industry

StoCretec coating systems are always up to date with current developments and comply with the most recent ESD standards.

Trade and public facilities

Floor coatings offer numerous design possibilities. They are durable, seamless, economical, and reduce impact sound.


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